Event Bookmarks:
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1Call to Order/Roll Call
2Botanical Garden of the Piedmont Annual Report
3City Attorney report on vacating Rights-of-Way
4CLOSED SESSION pursuant to Sections 2.2-3711 and 2.2-3712 of the Virginia Code (TBD)
5Moment of Silence
8Consent Agenda*
9City Manager Report
10Community Matters
11Amending Chapter 12 of the City Code to Require Fire Inspection Reports (1 of 2 readings)
12Amending the Charlottesville Human Rights Ordinance, Code of the City of Charlottesville, Chapter 2, Article XV (1 reading)
13Amending Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) 2022-2023 Substantial Action Plan - $178,394.34 (1 of 2 readings)
14Considering a Critical Slope Waiver request at 1003 - 1005 Carlton Avenue, 0 Walnut Street, 730 - 732 Walnut Street, 735 Walnut Street, and 0 Cherry Street (1 reading)
15Considering a Special Use Permit request at 1113 5th Street SW (1 reading)
16Other Business